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pumpkin pie spice

Pumpkin Spice And Everything Nice

Thanksgiving is a fun holiday in Canada and for our neighbours to the south, their biggest of the year. Pumpkin pie is a staple and it includes a specific mix of warming spices. But why make your own and how?

Well, pre-mixed commercial brands often contain other ingredients that cause issues for those of us with allergies, or just chemical preservatives and the like that you probably want to steer clear of.

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Cold & Flu Season

Top 3 Cold & Flu Season Tips

It’s that time of year again! Autumn is my favourite season, but for many it means an increase in colds and flus.

It’s not exactly that there are more cold and flu viruses around per se, but that we get busy, we are outside less, getting less fresh air, less sunlight (which means less Vitamin D produced by our skin – an important nutrient for our immune systems). 

We work a little more, stay up a little later, push ourselves a little harder.

And of course, the kids go back to school, so those who have kids have a lot more exposure to viruses than over the summer months. 

I have a few tips for you here about how to prevent those viruses from getting the better of you and to speed up recovery if one breaches your immune system’s defences.

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Recipe: Falafel

I don’t know when I first tried falafel. Quite honestly, it may have been post-bar during my university days. 

I love chickpeas. I love them almost any way they are served: masala, roasted, in salads, hummus… if it’s chickpeas you can pretty much guarantee I’ll love it. 

I learned how to make falafel a number of years ago when someone gave me a cookbook that had a recipe for them. Since then I’ve modified it so that they hold together better. It’s gluten-free, nut-free, and vegan.

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oral allergy syndrome

Why Does My Tongue Itch When I Eat Fruit?

I’ve been meeting a lot more people lately who have either described the symptoms of this phenomenon to me, or have expressed that they’ve actually had a diagnosis for it.

My first time experiencing this type of allergy was in my late teens.
It was the first allergy that I developed.

Not very many people know about this type of allergy, but it seems to be getting more common all the time.

Okay, okay I’ll tell you what it is. It’s called the Oral Allergy Syndrome.

Intrigued? Read on for more…

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Prebiotics – Sunchoke Recipe

Have you ever eaten a sunchoke?

Maybe you’ve seen them at the grocery store, arranged next to the root vegetables or with the ‘specialty’ produce in a small quantity.

Maybe you’ve even been visually repelled by their knobbly structure, which is often caked in some soil.

I agree, sunchokes are not the most aesthetically pleasing vegetables, but after reading this post and checking out the recipe at the end, you’ll want to give them a try – they have the most delicious flavour!

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Turmeric Face Mask

Today I did my first “scope”. I assume a bunch of you have no idea what that is… it’s a live streaming video on a phone app called Periscope. I’m trying it out as something fun to do to share things like this! If you want to check out my scope, go here – it’s only available for 24 hrs after it has been broadcast… so sometime tomorrow morning it will be gone!

If you want to follow more scopes then you’ll want to follow me on Twitter.

What I decided to scope about first is a facial treatment called a turmeric face mask. If you’re guessing it has something to do with putting turmeric all over your face, you are absolutely correct! You might be wondering what this has to do with allergy? Well, last week I ate something I’m allergic to: cheese (doh!) and as a result my skin broke out badly. 🙁 So I’m using the turmeric face mask to help it heal.

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Recipe: No-Bake Protein Bars

You’ve asked and I’m delivering… finally going to start posting some of my recipes up here!
The first one: No Bake Snack/Protein Bars

I’ve been making this recipe for about a decade. I don’t remember where I initially got the idea for it, but I know I had been looking to make a healthier and more affordable alternative to the protein bars or sports bars that we can purchase.

I played with the ingredients until I had something that I really liked and found portable, and I haven’t changed it much since.

When I used to do long group rides on my bike I’d take a few squares of this in my back pocket. I stored them in the freezer, so they would be easy to grab-and-go while still frozen, but they’d thaw just enough to be perfect for eating when I wanted them!

They are gluten-free, vegan, refined-sugar-free, dairy-free… they can really be ‘free’ of anything that you don’t want in them! And they can also be loaded up with anything you really DO want in them!! The beauty of making your own!

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