What Is A Superfood Tea Elixir?

What do you say? Yes, a tea, boosted with superfoods. I like to call it an elixir.

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Over the winter I’ve been making a lot of what I like to call, tea elixirs.
They are a variation on tea, made with green tea, yerba mate or chaga tea and a few superfoods to give them the immune and adrenal supportive lift I need in the darker months.

Superfood tea elixir

Why not give them a try? Video and recipe are below!

Where do I get my Reishi mushroom powder and other herbs?

You can find Reishi here.
I also like to use their 5-mushroom and 14-mushroom blends (you can use one of these instead of a single mushroom like Reishi).
Add some maca or mesquite (like I did in the video).
Or add 1 tsp of an adaptogenic herbal tincture to support adrenal or immune function.

If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed or need to be cautious about what superfoods and herbs you add to your elixir, consult your holistic wellness practitioner or explore working with me (by checking out a complimentary meet & greet).

Note: if you are taking certain medications you need to be aware of any contraindications to using some herbs. Many foods and herbs have none, but it’s best to be sure so consult your holistic wellness practitioner to learn what will work for you and what won’t.

Click the image to download/print the recipe: