food sensitivities


Sussing Out Symptoms

Identifying & Managing Food Sensitivities

Help, I need somebody! (sing along with me!)

Did your Naturopathic Doctor, chiropractor, or other healthcare provider send you home with instructions to do an elimination diet and oral food challenge to determine if certain foods might be causing you grief?

Or perhaps you are the one who is taking the bull by the horns and proactively figuring out what’s working for you nutritionally and what’s not.

Are you feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of doing this elimination diet and food challenge?

This is where SOS (Sussing Out Symptoms) will make things clearer and more manageable…

This program is designed to take you through a thorough food elimination and challenge so you can test out how foods make you feel, one at a time and get to the bottom of some of those weird symptoms that you think some foods may be causing you.

There is also an emphasis on exploring other potential triggers that are not food, such as the various chemicals we are exposed to on a daily basis.

“Lots of great information and easy to follow. 
The recipes are delicious, very fulfilling and satisfying. After one week I couldn’t believe the results, I felt fantastic!!
No more nausea, cramping or headaches.
I would highly recommend Rebecca and this program to anyone who is struggling with digestion and/or food sensitivity/intolerance issues.”   
— Michelle T.


When you help yourself you also help others…
5% of all web-based program earnings goes to a local Food Share program to help those in need get access to healthy food!

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