You can thrive!

Have you been suffering from allergies or food sensitivities or autoimmune conditions?
I believe that you can thrive, not just survive. Why do I believe this?
I’ve been there. I’m doing that.

I'll teach you how to give your body the resources it needs to heal and be strong & resilient.
Life is too short to limit your efforts at managing or masking symptoms. 
You deserve better than that.
Working with me means you get the benefits of someone who has personal experience along with a strong foundation in modern science and a deep understanding of and reverence for traditional, holistic wellness practices.
This is where science meets tradition.  

Rebecca Llewellyn, BSc CNP CH

Before becoming a Certified Nutritional Practitioner and Chartered Herbalist I spent over a decade working in the pharmaceutical industry. Yes, many people find that conflicting or ironic, but in fact, it has proven to be a great advantage when practicing in the holistic field. For a long time, I had one foot in each world: learning from and working with medical doctors while seeking out holistic approaches for my own health concerns.

The knowledge I acquired working in conventional/western healthcare, coupled with my university degree in Biochemistry, have given me a strong foundation in evidence-based practice. By recognizing the strengths and weaknesses of research I aim to critically assess new information and use it, in conjunction with experience and reasoning, to make informed decisions.

I've had a primarily plant-based diet for most of my life and as a result, I had to learn early on how to balance meals and eat healthfully. Growing up, certain conditions predisposed me to face many of my own challenges: from being a very picky eater as a child to food allergies and candidiasis.

Areas of special interest to me have to do with allergy and inflammation. While I continue to work with clients on various health concerns and goals, my primary aim is to help you with autoimmunity, allergy and sensitivity so you can live a full life.

I earned my Bachelor of Science with a major in Biochemistry from Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada and a few years later I studied for my diploma in Applied Holistic Nutrition (receiving first class honours) at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition in Vancouver, Canada, where I subsequently taught both the Biological Chemistry and Advanced Nutrition Research courses and was also the Student Clinic Advisor, one of the options for students to complete their cooperative work placements.

With a passion for learning about traditional remedies, I decided to obtain my Chartered Herbalist diploma from Dominion Herbal College.

In the past, I have worked as a personal trainer and spin instructor just to keep it interesting. 😉

When I'm not busy working in the wellness industry you'll find me creating client programs and running workshops. In my personal time, I love to make herbal remedies, try new recipes in the kitchen, ride my bike, hike some of the beautiful trails here on the west coast with our furbaby (a Coonhound/German Shorthaired Pointer cross) and play guitar with my partner in crime.

What My Clients Say

About the SOS: Sussing Out Your Symptoms Program:
"Lots of great information and easy to follow. 
The recipes are delicious, very fulfilling and satisfying. After one week I couldn't believe the results, I felt fantastic!!
No more nausea, cramping or headaches.
I would highly recommend Rebecca and this program to anyone who is struggling with digestion and/or food sensitivity/intolerance issues." 

— Michelle T.

"Finally someone who listened and made sense of it all! After years with undiagnosed IBS, Rebecca was the first person to puzzle it all together. She was able to explain to me what was happening, what I should avoid, but most importantly, how to get better. Rebecca equipped me with with a plan, carefully outlined, with everything I had to know and made sure all my questions were answered. She kept in touch and never failed to give me hope. Thank you!" 

— Christina R.

"I consider myself an informed person when it comes to choosing smart food for me and my family but I also know that I need simple solutions sometimes and those are the moments I usually give in to packaged or pre-made foods and snacks. Working with Rebecca gives you more insight into why it's important to stay informed with easy tips and solutions to help when you need an "easy meal". She is knowledgable, supportive and practices what she preaches so you know she believes in being aware with your food - and your health. I would highly recommend working with Sollus whether it's to change your habits, or just refine them every now and then. It's a win/win situation no matter how you look at it :)"

— Kendahl C.

"Rebecca and Lauren [co-op student] provided excellent information and support in helping me kick the sugar habit for three weeks (the hardest part) which I will now continue since they helped me thru the hardest part!! Thx girls you were amazing!"

— Anonymous feedback from our Sugar-Free September Challenge

"When I came to Rebecca for help with my skin problems I was at my whits end.  I thought I had tried everything, and wasn't able to find a lasting solution to my adult acne.  Rebecca knew what kinds of questions to ask, and was able to assess my problem on a much deeper level than a dermatologist could.  With addressing issues that, at the time, I didn't think were related to my skin, I felt as though my whole body came into balance.  I now have much clearer skin without the use of harmful or harsh products, and have a great appreciation for holistic remedies."

— Sarah C.